Eco-Wolf words

Just in case any words get lost over the holidays, here is a copy!

The Three Pigs (singing)


E Eggs

Have a fantastic holiday and Happy Easter. 🙂


P1/2 and P2 Assembly


P1/2 and P2 invite you to attend their assembly on Monday 29th April 2019.  Doors open at 1.40pm for a 2.00pm start to share all our learning with our topic Houses Past, Present and Future.


All pupils will be actively involved and copies of our scripts have been sent home this afternoon to practise from now until our assembly.  Today we had our first ‘run through’ and everyone was superb.  🙂


It has been brought to my attention that an increasing number of pupils have been bringing walkie-talkies into school from home which are causing a few problems around the school grounds.

For some reason, it appears that on a few occasions, a child’s walkie-talkie has managed to pick up the radio frequency of walkie-talkies within the local area! This has included picking up conversations being held on the nearby building sites with adults, as well as picking up live broadcasting of MFR!

Obviously, this could lead to pupils over-hearing adult conversations that they shouldn’t do, as well as creating the potential for unknown adults to communicate directly with pupils without anyone being aware.

With this in mind, I would be grateful if you could keep all such devices at home (but also, keep an eye on any unwanted frequencies that they might be able to access even here).

Robert A Quigley

(Head Teacher, Milton of Leys Primary, Inverness: Mon-Wed)

(Digital Citizenship Secondment: Thu&Fri)


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More from Science Week

Science week


P5 came along to help us make Bath Fizzers.  We had great fun measuring the ingredients and mixing in the bags.  We will be testing how well they dissolve soon!


Fizzy Colours – we were experimenting making a chemical reaction with coloured vinegar and bicarbonate of soda to create bubbles (carbon dioxide).  Lots of the children thought it looked like a volcano!  We saw that when we mixed the bicarbonate of soda with water nothing happened.

Which experiment did you enjoy the most and why?



Science Week

Science week

Bubbles, bubbles everywhere!

We are investigating Carbon Dioxide here at MOL and our first experiment was deciding what would happen if we gently place a raisin into fizzy water and tap water.

Well at first we were a little disappointed as our raisins were not dancing, but to our surprise, they began to dance and float in our plastic cups.

Can you remember why some groups had the raisin float up to the top and then sink again?

More experiments to follow 🙂